NUE Race Categories

100-Mile Men’s Open

100-Mile Fat Bike (Will be combined with Men’s Open for NUE points)

100-Mile Singlespeed

100-Mile Master’s 50+

100-Mile Women’s Open

50-Mile Men’s Open

50-Mile Fat Bike (Will be combined with Men’s Open for NUE points)

50-Mile Singlespeed

50-Mile Master’s 50+

50-Mile Women’s Open



15-Mile Bike or Run (Kids Race)

MG Buckle Integrity

We realize the Integrity of the Buckle must be protected. Therefore, anyone found to have not followed the exact race course, will be disqualified from Belt Buckle consideration.

If you violate any of the race covenants you will be disqualified from buckle consideration.

We also encourage all racers to scrutinize race files wherever you may find them posted and heckle, mercilessly heckle, anyone who accepts a belt buckle having not completed the course proper!

Decisions to disqualify are at the discretion of the Race Director. NUE point awards and standings will be left to the discretion of the NUE Race Director.


Marji Gesick Checkpoints

There will be a number of hidden “checkpoints” throughout the course. At each checkpoint you will find customized tokens. Take ONE. You MUST bring a token from each checkpoint to the finish line and turn them in. In the event you miss or lose one you will be disqualified from prize money and belt buckle contention.

Shuttle & Dropbags

  1. There are no shuttles.
  2. We’ll get drop bags to the park in Negaunee for you.
  3. Drop bags can be given to Race Staff the morning of the event at the start lines.
  4. Drop bags will be moved from Jackson Park to the finish line after you have passed through that checkpoint the second time. You MUST let one of our volunteers know you would like your bag sent to the finish line.
  5. At 2:00AM Sunday morning any remaining drop bags at Jackson Park will be sent to the finish line.





Self-Supported Ethos

You are on your own.

GPS is required.

In the event of an emergency call 911.

Road Rules apply.

You MAY accept outside nutrition & hydration assistance.

You may NOT cache anything in the woods trailside.

You may NOT accept mechanical assistance (from anyone but another rider).

There are NO race operated aid-stations.

Your bike is to be human-powered, with no level of assistance


Drop/Mechanical Policy

We need to know where you are. So if you drop out, for whatever reason, CALL THE NUMBER ON YOUR BIB. If we do not hear from you, we assume you’re still out there somewhere. In the event you drop there is no Sag Wagon or Race Supported pick-up option.


Road Rules Apply

You must obey applicable traffic laws. There are no volunteers covering road crossings. Competitors found to be violating traffic laws, endangering motorists or fellow riders will be disqualified from the race.

Awards & Prizes

Cash: Each Overall Category winner will receive $1.00 signed by Todd

Hardware: Belt Buckles for 100-Mile racers who finish under 12-hours (30-hours for runners)


Money for the trails

The Marji Gesick 100 has raised nearly $30,000 for local trail orgainzations since 2015. We operate as a non-profit event!


Lemans Start: 100 Mile Events

100-Mile MTB participants will complete a traditional LeMans (approximately .5 miles)

100-Mile Ultra-Runners will complete a LeBike (approximately .5 miles)***

50-Mile events do not do a LeMans or LeBike

*** Runners need to provide their own bike for the LeBike


We would like to remind everyone the race does not operate aid stations. You should be fully self-supported. You may come across pop-up aid stations or trail angels but their location will be unknown.